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Frequently asked Questions ?

How should I get website development service?

Don’t know how to make a Mobile App or Website?

Mobile android Apps work on existing websites or domains. So if you need an App, you first need a website.you can use a primary domain or a subdomain.

If you are making a website for the first time and don’t know how to make a website, our website development service can be really useful. we can develop your website for you in the shortest time possible. Remember! website development is time consuming

Don’t have time for making a Website for Business 

If you are a business owner and need a professional website to be developed. we can make a custom website for you Advertise and publicise on the internet 24 hours a day, take new orders, sell products and services. Get your business online and you’ll be where your customers are.

What do I need for developing a website? Can veebol register it for me?

Need a Domain?

URL or your domain name is your unique website name. Users can simply type in a browser to reach your website. Domain names typically look like http://www.yourdomain.com or http://yourdomain.com

Domain names need to be purchased from domain registrars. We purchase domains for you and host them for you so that you can and develop and maintain them. We offer 10+  popular TLD’s like .com, .net, .org, .in, .us, .ru, .org.in. and many more etc.

So you need a

  1. Domain

  2. Website Hosting Service

  3. Website Development Service

Veebol offers all three services and more at Hostkaka.

I already have a domain. Can I use Veebol website development services?

Already have a Domain?

Primary domains needs to be purchased. Subdomains work on existing primary domains.

If you do not wish to purchase a new domain, you can use a subdomain on our network to host your App/website.

You simply need a website development plan with Veebol to start using our services. The domain can be transferred to veebol for free. We can then develop a your website quickly. Visit our help centre on how to transfer your domain.

How much does it cost?

Our Best Offer

It costs

  • Rs. 27/day (approx) for Basic App development (without domain)
  • Rs. 41/day (approx.) for Lite App development (with a domain)

This is our best offer economical offer available 365 days a year.

Note – For current promotional offer, visit support page.

I am getting cheaper services elsewhere?

Quick Customisation Features

Most professional App developers offer services at Rs.50,000 to Rs 2,50,000 one time fee. However, most of them do not offer quick customisation and unlimited features.

Veebol offers best and quick customisation features without any constraints. That is why with our plans starting at Rs 27 a day, it is quite a bargain.

What customisations do you offer for developing Apps?

Custom Website development

Android Mobile App is developed as a Hosted Web App for existing websites. Native Apps are not recommended to keep development costs affordable. We recommend using php based dynamic wordpress custom themes for website development. You can select a theme which suits your needs best and we can work from there. We can develop custom pages, logos favicon etc. We also offer SEO – Search engine optimisation (alt, meta, title tags) for all pages or blog post.

We believe that website content is king and recommend all websites to be content rich. We recommend Best Search engine optimization technique for your websites. We also do not recommend use of flash, html, pop-up, pop-under, marquee text (moving text), splash page, locked content, registration without warnings, captcha, social media integration toolbars, pagination, irregular window size, reset button, right click block access, reflections etc.

Is there What kind of help can I get while setting up my app/website?

Excellent Customer Service

We offer excellent free support service for our customers. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to Contact Us


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